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welcome to the next gen of customer service

Customer support is one of the essential key points for any business. And Customer feedback is also vital for the businesses. Our application deals with both those points to help you in your business.


Cloud based Service

Minimal integration requirements. Just a few clicks and you are good to go.


AI bot to route calls efficiently

Let computers take a few decision and not let the call heat up


Improving the efficiency and customer experience

With computer doing alot of your work, you'll find more coffee breaks.

amazing features

We offer best and future ready features for the market and on site support for the best customer experience


Real Time Analysis

Generating real-time sentiment analysis of the customer to generate organic feedback about the customer satifaction by using it as a evaluation metric.

Automation Power

Automatic customer care executive scoring according to their performance by using the above technique and generating a dynamic priority queue by rating the executive on those metrics, i.e, the call will be routed to the available executive with highest rating.

AI powered bot

Deploying screening bot for solving trivial problems and perform smart routing to save time and human resources by connecting customers to the executive concerning to their specific problems.

Graphical trend analysis

Generation of graphical feedbacks of the call by plotting the trends of the customer's polarity and emotion to get a visually consolidated view of the call.

About Our App


The system that does the talking for you !

Customer care department is very inefficiently managed and a great source for collecting organic customer feedbacks but with current technologies most of the work is done manually or on the recordings after the call has ended. But with our product there will be efficient by smartly routing by a bot and generating sentiments and polarity of the customer on the call will be generated in real time due which by the end of the conversation, call's summary and customer's feedback will automatically be ready for analysis.

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